Career Assistance

Our career center is focused on connecting students to career opportunities.
The aim is assisting our graduates in making informed decisions about starting their new career or guide them through changing their professional path.
Contacting the Career Center could help the graduates improve their personal development skills. In result, they can maximize their potential, both personally and professionally. As our team works closely with some of the most fast-growing IT companies, we have organized helpful resources for our graduates.

Career Assistance from SoftUni

You feel confident in your skills and wish to start your first job as a software engineer? We’ve got you covered!
All graduates at SoftUni go through a three-week program which prepares them for the recruitment process. What does our program include?

All About the Interview

Assistance in preparing the job application documents.
Mock interviews with feedback and tips&tricks on the interview etiquette.

Individual Support

Individual consultation with a specialist which will help you set clear professional goals and follow them.

Future Assistance

Future assistance for new, more exciting job opportunities or guidance on how to master a new programming technology.

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