Java Coding Basics (Free)

About This Course

During the first course, you will acquire basic coding skills. 

You will explore IntelliJ IDEA – a code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. 

You will also learn how to use variables and data, operators and expressions, and use conditional statements (if, if-else) and loops (for and while).

Skills You Will Gain

Course Schedule

Become introduced to coding and learn all about IDEsvariablesdata typesconsole input and output.

Learn the secrets of the most used CMS system in the world – Git.

Become a master of conditional statements and finding bugs in your code with the debugger. Learn all about the boolean data type and variable life in Java.

Acquire knowledge of a new technology – HTML and CSS, and have fun creating simple websites.

Learn how to repeat code blocks with the help of for and while loops.

Master the best problem solving methodologies!

Prepare for the exam with many practical exercises and pass it with flying colors!

Final Exam Evaluation Day.

What Our Students Say?

SoftUni is a great place to make the first step that just might change your life – it happened to me. I know software engineering seems hard, but SoftUni has a great program that starts with baby steps and you learn new skills in stages. Once you join the program it will not be easy, but trust me - don’t give up!
Shadi Obeyd
Software Engineer - myPOS
SoftUni offers what most universities lack – a modern curriculum with emphasis on practical experience and hands-on projects, rather than solely on theory. During my time there, SoftUni gave me the ability to develop full-stack projects from start to finish and prepared me for the professional world.
Kostadin Zlatkov
Software Engineer - Oracle
All of the lecturers I met were great people and professionals. They were always there to help. The courses were exhaustive enough to give me the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to start a job.
Sinan Aliman
Software Engineer - Endava
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