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Java is the best choice to start your iT career

Java is one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world.
It is very versatile as it is used for programming web, mobile, and desktop applications, games, and server backends.

There are many reasons to learn Java. Here are just a few:

Why SoftUni?​

For many years we have been creating professionals for the IT field. We have perfected our educational model and always keep up with the trends to make sure our program is following the needs of the business.

Proven Educational Model

Our unique model is focused on practice. We make sure our students understand the material in-depth and not only learn to program, but also develop their personal and teamwork skills.

Big Community

Once you enter our program, you become part of a large community of people who share the same goal – to learn to code. You will advance together, share code and ideas, and do group projects.

We're Here to Help

Our mentors are available if you have questions. All you have to do is reach them via our Slack channel.

Automated Evaluation

Receive timely feedback about your homework with our interactive platform. Just submit your code, and it will immediately tell you whether it’s correct or not.

Career Assistance

It’s very important to us that our students become successful software engineers and we prepare them very well for it. When they are ready to start their career, we conduct a series of trainings that help them get their dream job.

Proven Track Record

We have over 8850 alumni who work in companies such as Amazon, Oracle, Google, Tesla, Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, VMWare, HP, Siemens, and many others.

Industry validated curriculum

Created by experts, our curriculum is made with consideration of the current market needs. 

Free Java Coding Basics Course (1 month)

3 hours/week online lectures and exercises, 6 hours/weekend online live group exercises and workshops.

Become introduced to coding and learn all about IDEs, variables, data types, console input and output.

Learn the secrets of the most used CMS system in the world – Git.

Become a master of conditional statements and finding bugs in your code with the debugger. Learn all about the boolean data type and variable life in Java.

Acquire knowledge of a new technology – HTML and CSS, and have fun creating simple websites.

Learn how to repeat code blocks with the help of for and while loops.

Master the best problem solving methodologies!

Prepare for the exam with many practical exercises and pass it with flying colors!

Learn coding basics

Meet our Expert Training Team

Your learning success is of utmost importance to us! That is why our trainers are some of the best in the field. They will be by your side at every step of your development. Reach them anytime and request a personal consultation if you need help.

Svetlin Nakov

CEO & Technical Trainer
See Bio

Doncho Minkov

Team Lead, System Architect & Technical Trainer
See Bio

Sanya Kasarova

Team Lead & Technical Trainer
See Bio

Achievements from our students

We work closely with each of our students to help them accomplish their goals and dreams. Their achievement always makes an impression. SoftUni is proud to report on and celebrate every student’s success.

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We Create Experts

SoftUni was founded in 2013 to pursue the mission to build a global organization that provides practical, quality, and accessible education in the area of digital and information technologies, creating real experts and future leaders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The coding camp takes one month to complete and it covers the basics of programming with Java.

No prior experience in programming is needed. The program is built for beginners, and it starts with the basics. 

If you have some knowledge of programming that will be a plus.

Yes, after you pass the bootcamp successfully, you will receive a certificate of completion.
At the end of the program, you will also receive a diploma.

  • Lessons from a professional lecturer with many years of experience in teaching.
  • A variety of workshops.
  • Q&A Sessions with a tutor and code reviews.
  • Live Exercises, where you will be able to ask your trainer anything and get immediate answers.
  • Project Days, where you will work on exciting real-life projects.
  • Additional lessons that will enhance your knowledge of the field.
  • A great community of students, who study with you and are always there to help.
  • Lifetime access to all lessons.
  • Regular quizzes.
  • Coding challenges.
  • Frequent exams to validate your knowledge.
  • Access to many code examples and projects to learn from and draw inspiration.
  • Individual guidance and feedback from our mentors in the form of regular Zoom meetings at a convenient time for you.
  • Career support and coaching.

You will have to spend around 6-12 hours per week on video lessons, live exercises and projects, and homework assignments.

Java is a modern and versatile programming language. It’s used by about 12 million developers all over the world for creating all kinds of applications.
It is platform independent, which makes it even more convenient.
The language has an English-like syntax and therefore it’s perfect for beginners.
As many IT companies work with Java, there is a high demand of Java developers worldwide.

There will be no lessons and assignments on the following holidays:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day

The training is completely online.

Absolutely not. The program is carefully created in accordance with a busy schedule.

Yes, we recommend a machine with parameters similar to these:

– SSD >= 120GB
– Processor i3, i5, i7 (at least 5th generation)
– A mid-range GPU

Hi, I am Katherine!

Your Community Manager
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Become a Certified Java Developer

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Svetlin Nakov is co-founder and the main inspirer of SoftUni – the leading institution for training software engineering, IT, and digital skills in Eastern Europe, attended by tens of thousands of young developers.

Svetlin has solid professional experience (20+ years) as a software developer and consultant, blockchain technologies, C#, .NET Framework, Java, Java EE, databases, JavaScript, Oracle, SQL Server, Web Development, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, JSP/Servlets, GWT, PHP, Python, software engineering and project management. Svetlin has been a technical leader of many software projects with various technologies and platforms, including blockchain development. He is a speaker in hundreds of technical events, author of hundreds of articles and several books about data structures, algorithms, principles of computer programming, .NET development, Java, cryptography, and information security.

Svetlin has a Ph.D. in Informatics and has been a lecturer in cutting-edge software technologies at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Technical University – Sofia and New Bulgarian University. He is a Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD).

Specialties: technical training, blockchain, .NET, Java EE, JavaScript, PHP, Python, software engineering, databases, web development, entrepreneurship, information security.

Doncho Minkov has vast experience in software development as well as in teaching. In high school he was part of the programming team and a top student, which lead to him getting in university with no admission exam.  He has worked with a plethora of technologies, including SpringMVC, ASP.NET, Node.js, Angular, React.js, Android, iOS and others.

Doncho is a speaker on many conferences on Java, JavaScript and mobile technologies. Currently he is a senior full-stack developer and team lead at SoftUni.

In 2017 he was featured in the category of education in Forbes’s 30 under 30 list.

Sanya has been teaching programming and math for the past three years. Just at SoftUni, she has given over 100 lectures on different topics.

At university, she’s studying in a Mathematics and Computer Science major, specializing in pedagogy. Being passionate about sharing her knowledge, she has attended various courses on teaching practices.

Her interest in software begins in high school when she attends an after-class course on front-end technologiesLater on, she discovers SoftUni’s courses, where she becomes acquainted with Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and others.

Currently, she is a Training Manager in SoftUni’s international project.


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