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This Java Web bootcamp teaches students how to develop enterprise Java web applications with the Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC and Spring Security open-source frameworks. Using a progressive learning format, each session is build on the prior session. When to bootcamp completes, an engineer will have learned how to build and test comprehensive Spring Boot services. Spring Cloud topics will also be included in connection to the scaling of applications using Docker containerization.

Skills You Will Gain

Course Schedule

Learn what database is. Different systems for storing big data.

Take a look at different Data Types in MySQL server.
What are queries and how to customize our tables.

Learn how to create and work with real-life databases.

Master the CRUD operations. Learn how to store, modify and retrieve data from the database.

Take a closer look at the different Functions in MySQL.

Understand the concept around table relations. One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many.

Learn how to Join different tables, what are indices and subqueries.

User-Defined Functions, Transactions and Database Programmability

Project Day

Learn more details about the final evaluation at the end of the week.

Prepare for а routine assessment and test your skills. Receive feedback and go back to the topics you haven’t mastered.

Learn what is ORM.
How to connect our application with Database.

Build a custom ORM.

Dive deep into ORM technology.

Learn how to use Maven, Hibernate.
Understand the Java Persistence API.

Learn how to use Inheritance and the different table relationships.

Get familiar with Spring Framework.

Learn how to retrieve data using custom queries.
Take a look at JPQL and Spring Custom Configuration.

Data Transfer Objects.
Learn why and how we use Model Mapping. DTO overview.

Learn what is JSON and GSON.
Get familiar with exporting single object to JSON.

Learn how to process XML files.
XML specifics.

Project Day: MVC Project

Prepare for your first Web project.

Present your Web Project.

Learn how the network communicates. More information about the OSI model.

What is HTTP
MIME and Media Types. Learn how the Web server works.

Project Day

Project Day

Get familiar with Spring Boot and how to use it. Understand the Bean cycle.

Models and Views. Get familiar with Layers, Inversion Control and Spring Controllers.

Start writing your first Java Web Application using the new learned methods.

Project Day

Learn more about session management, cookies and HTTP sessions.

Overview of Thymeleaf. Learn more about additional Spring functionalities.

Continue working on your web application.

Project Day

Dive deep into Thymeleaf. Learn what are helpers and how to validate using Thymeleaf.

Brief overview of JavaScript and Bootstrap.


Project Day

Project Consultation

Project Defense

Get familiar with REST API, DOM Manipulations, and Handling Events.

Filters and Interceptors overview. Learn how to configurate Spring Security.

Project Day

Understand how to implement and use HATEOAS.

Get familiar with different Exception Handling techniques.

Project Day


Take a look at the different Spring events. Learn how to create custom event.

Aspect Oriented programming paradigm. Learn how to apply it.

Project Day


Learn how to write Unit and Integration tests. Testing the Web layer.

Learn how to use Docker Engine.

Project Day


Deploy your Web application using Git, Github, Prometheus, AWS and more!

Project Day

Project Consultation

Introduce and explain your final evaluation project.

What Our Students Say?

All of the lecturers I met were great people and professionals. They were always there to help. The courses were exhaustive enough to give me the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to start a job.
Sinan Aliman
Software Engineer - Endava
SoftUni offers what most universities lack – a modern curriculum with emphasis on practical experience and hands-on projects, rather than solely on theory. During my time there, SoftUni gave me the ability to develop full-stack projects from start to finish and prepared me for the professional world.
Kostadin Zlatkov
Software Engineer - Oracle
SoftUni is a great place to make the first step that just might change your life – it happened to me. I know software engineering seems hard, but SoftUni has a great program that starts with baby steps and you learn new skills in stages. Once you join the program it will not be easy, but trust me - don’t give up!
Shadi Obeyd
Software Engineer - myPOS
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