Java Professional Program

Java Developer End-to-End Professional Program

Learn Java from scratch and get prepared for a software engineering job. Java is one of the most popular programming languages globally, and big companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM use it in their tech stacks. Programming with Java provides numerous career opportunities as this programming language is used for desktop and mobile computing, games, numerical computing, and server-side language for back-end development projects. Our professional program covers basic Java developer skills, such as knowledge in web frameworks and object-oriented programming, and advanced skills like Spring MVC, web apps with databases, back-end development, etc. During your studies, we will guide you to learn Java step by step with the help of a mentor and many real-world projects.

Skills You Will Gain

What Our Students Say?

All of the lecturers I met were great people and professionals. They were always there to help. The courses were exhaustive enough to give me the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to start a job.
Sinan Aliman
Software Engineer - Endava
SoftUni offers what most universities lack – a modern curriculum with emphasis on practical experience and hands-on projects, rather than solely on theory. During my time there, SoftUni gave me the ability to develop full-stack projects from start to finish and prepared me for the professional world.
Kostadin Zlatkov
Software Engineer - Oracle
SoftUni is a great place to make the first step that just might change your life – it happened to me. I know software engineering seems hard, but SoftUni has a great program that starts with baby steps and you learn new skills in stages. Once you join the program it will not be easy, but trust me - don’t give up!
Shadi Obeyd
Software Engineer - myPOS
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