Cybersecurity Tech Degree

Become a Cybersecurity expert and start a job!


1 Year

6-12 hours/week

Average annual salary in the US


Of a Cybersecurity Expert


No Experience Required

We begin with the basics, so don't worry!


Become a Cyber Security Expert. Learn how to stop hackers. Prevent Hacking, Learn IT Security.

What You Will Learn


Information Security Management

The bootcamp in information management introduces students to the world of information security, its basic concepts and roles in the business structure, aiming to build sustainable models for information security management. Those enrolled in the training will have the opportunity to learn about the role of CISO and the aspects of information security protection in an organization.


Open Source and Threat Intelligence

This bootcamp presents the latest techniques and skills used by hackers and "blue team" information security professionals to search for information about organizations and the assets and resources they use, in order to further penetrate their infrastructure. Concepts of ways and techniques to seek up-to-date information from open sources for the needs of SOC teams to protect organizations' infrastructures from emerging attacks and "zero days" exploits will be discussed.


System and Network Compromising

The bootcamp "Compromising Networks and Systems" presents techniques and skills used by hackers to compromise computer systems and infrastructures. During the training, the methodology for eavesdropping and analyzing network traffic, penetrating a computer system through a found exploit and subsequent malware infection will be considered, so as to provide remote access to the infected machine at a later stage.

What to Expect

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Experienced Lecturers

Studying something new can be challenging in the beginning. Our dedicated lecturers are available for 1-on-1 support whenever you need help.

Practical Projects

We follow a learn by doing approach! Work on real-life projects and build an impressive portfolio that will help you land right away your first IT job.

Big Community

Once you enter our program, you become part of a large community of people who share the same goal – to learn to code. You will advance together, share code and ideas, and do group projects.


Our mentors are available if you have questions. All you have to do is reach them via our Discord channel.

Flexible Learning

Become one of the best in the field with comprehensive classes lead by an expert. Study at your own time and pace. Go back any time to re-watch the lessons.

Automated Evaluation

Receive timely feedback about your homework with our interactive platform. Just submit your code, and it will immediately tell you whether it’s correct or not.

Cybersecurity experts in the US make over $105k

Want to be one of the best?

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