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The process of finding competent applicants for remote junior software engineers, software developers, and IT experts can sometimes be long and expensive. Filling entry-level tech jobs with capable employees that require a minimal level of oversight is a challenge for a lot of companies in various niches.

We will help you hire the right people for your team by sending selected CVs of prospects that answer your requirements for technical expertise, industry knowledge, and soft skills.

How can we find the right candidates?

We have over 17K+ Programming Alumni.

Only the top students of each cohort get considered for job recommendations.

We guarantee their programming education is comprehensive, up-to-date, and combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

We can recommend applicants for junior Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, back-end, front-end, and Web developers. We will handpick the candidates that best fit the specifications of every individual job and send you their CVs and portfolios. If you like a junior developer candidate, we will handle the introductions.