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The SoftUni Interactive Classroom

SoftUni has vast experience in conducting offline and online Programming training courses. At the heart of our success, alongside our comprehensive and up-to-date educational content, is the software we use and license to other individual coaches and teaching organizations. One of them is the SoftUni Interactive Learning Platform – an innovative web-based classroom that combines: 

The interactive classroom vastly facilitates conducting a programming course: students learn, write, execute and test their code, and get instant results directly into the web browser saving you the cost and effort of using multiple platforms and services.

The SoftUni Interactive Classroom looks like this:

Exercises And Exams Automation - The Judge System

The SoftUni Judge System provides a unique and fully automated way to evaluate tasks, projects, and exams in real-time. It’s been used daily by students around the world, with 28M+ problem submissions so far.

The system comes with an arrangement of useful tools for educators like User Statistics, User Rankings, and Timers. All the exercises, projects, exams, and the necessary resources are all in one place, which makes their organization, navigation, and maintenance easier for you. The Judge System is also relatively easy to use by students, as you can see from this instructional video:

The Judge System Showcase:

SoftUni's Learning Management System

As part of our licensed online teaching software, we offer a fully developed learning management system that takes care of all technical aspects of running an academy. That way you can focus more on the educational process.

SoftUni’s LMS can help you with: