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Software Development and IT Trainings: for Companies and Individuals

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Open and manage a successful software academy, train programming experts, and realize your dreams with industry know-how, business advice, and unparalleled support.

Hire software engineers and IT experts from the SoftUni alumni, organize train-to-hire bootcampsget skill assessment for new hires, train your existing team (online and on-site).

Teach programming and tech skills, open a coding bootcamp, license teaching content for instructors, use automated assessment and exams, organize self-paced and instructor-based courses.

Zero-to-career tech trainings for developers: Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, QA, data structures, back-end, front-end, databases. Self-paced and scheduled zero-to-career learning programs.

Become a SoftUni Franchise Partner

Start on your path to financial success and stability by opening a SoftUni franchise in your community. Achieve your business and personal goals with lower risks, operational costs, and effort. Benefit from our vast experience as an educational leader, business model, industry know-how, marketing advice, teaching content, innovative tools, and partner support.

Proven, highly scalable hybrid approach between formal education and online platforms with significant profit and growth potential.

Constantly improved, high-quality, and comprehensive teaching aids and educational software to work with larger groups of students.

Proven track record – 97% of our programming alumni started a tech job after finishing our programs.

Boost Your Business Growth Trough Talent

Hire junior devs from the 15.7K+ SoftUni alumni. Train to hire junior developers through on-demand bootcamps. Train your internal team, boost skills, and grow through talent. Get access to developers, bootcamps, and training programs.

Hire remote junior software developers: Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, back-end, front-end, databases, Web development

Train and hire junior developers and IT professionals, that match your tech stack, industry knowledge and soft skills requirements.

Improve your teams’ technical skills with our corporate trainings for developers, IT professionals and digital competencies.

Hire tech trainers your on-site corporate trainings. Get training in hot technologies like AI, cloud, blockchain and cybersecurity.

Why Choose SoftUni for Business?

17 000+ developers trained

1000+ training courses conducted

100+ companies already trust us​

9+ years of experience in tech education

Teach Programming: Content and Tools for Instructors

Get teaching content, automate project and exam evaluation, open a coding bootcamp, become a reseller for dev trainings, request custom course content, request instructors.

Get high-quality course content, proven teaching methodology, software and tools for instructors to teach your own software engineering bootcamps.

Colleges, universities, schools, learning centers: white-label the SoftUni learning programs for developers to extend your tech education offerings.

Request custom course development to address your specific needs. Hire an instructor for your tech training. Train your instructors and content experts.

Start Teaching Devs and IT

Learning content for teaching software engineering, creative and digital skills, proven methodologies, teaching tools, teaching software, automated grading, on demand courses and instructors, white-label developer bootcamps.

Comprehensive learning programs and content for instructors: lesson slides + hands-on exercises + practical projects + exams + automated evaluation.

Learning management system (LMS) to manage your courses, enrollments, payments, instructors, content, lesson streaming, exercises, projects, exams, auto grading, score, certificates, etc.

Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, QA, databases, back-end, DevOps, front-end, React, Angular, machine learning, design, UX, digital marketing and more

Start your own online / on-site developer bootcamp, based on our self-paced and scheduled instructor-led zero-to-career learning programs for developers, designers and digital marketing.

Remote and on-site tech trainers to teach your software or IT course, bootcamp or custom training. Proven skills, methodology and experience.

Complete professional programs for specialized high schools: programming, cybersecurity, graphical design, UX, motion design, digital creative, online business and digital marketing.

Learn Programming and Start a Tech Job

Learn programming and modern software technologies and start a tech job through our proven zero-to-career educational programs for developers: Java, JavaScript, data structures, problem solving, object-oriented programming, databases, back-end, Web development, Web services, REST, cloud environments, front-end.

Join the 15.7K+ graduates from SoftUni, who already started a tech job!

Learn Java Programming, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming, Front-End, Databases, MySQL, Hibernate, and Spring. Learn by doing through hundreds of hands-on exercises and projects.

Learn JavaScript Programming, Front-End, HTML, CSS, AJAX, REST, React and Angular, Node.js, and Express. Learn by doing through hundreds of hands-on exercises and projects.

SoftUni has proven track record in training software engineers and preparing them for their first job in the IT industry. We work closely with each of our students to help them accomplish their career goals and dreams. Their achievement always makes an impression. SoftUni is proud to report on and celebrate every student’s success.

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Konstantin Gerov

Software Engineer @ Tesla

The most important lesson I learned from my education at SoftUni is the value of gaining deeper understanding of fundamental concepts. Not only does every lecturer hold vast knowledge of the material, but they are also always eager to answer students’ questions.

Tugay Emin

Blockchain Engineer @ LimeChain

My favorite thing about the program at SoftUni is that it consists of a series of courses, from beginner to advanced levels, and students participate in one at a time, which helps them focus on one subject at a time.

Preslav Mihaylov

Software Engineer @ Uber

I decided to get deep into programming with SoftUni because I think the profession is extremely interesting and offers a lot of challenges. What I like about it is that I must constantly develop and learn new things.

SoftUni Alumni Started Job At