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At the Software University (SoftUni) we are passionate about changing the world through tech education. Our mission is to provide accessible education in the field of IT to anyone.
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Top 5 beginner programming mistakes

As a beginner, your coding journey is probably a tough experience. Making mistakes is a normal part of the learning process, which you should always


What is SoftUni?

SoftUni is the largest and most respectable educational IT institution in Bulgaria that offers education and support in career development in the professional fields of


What do I need to become a programmer?

Many of you may ask yourself the question: “What do I need to become a programmer?” And immediately after that follows the answer: “A programming


What do we need to know about JavaScript?

Although JavaScript is developing at an incredible pace and is among the most popular programming languages in the GitHub and Stack-Overflow communities, there are still


Where C# can be applied?

The decisive factor for choosing a programming language is its relevance. C# (pronounced “C-sharp”) is a general-purpose language that is suitable for a variety of

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Go from zero to hero or build upon your existing skills with our carefully structured tech degrees.

Great learning community, amazing lecturers and mentors, guaranteed success!

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We believe that a global community can change the way learning happens. From exchanging knowledge to having fun meeting likeminded people, the community will help you follow your goals and achieve them.


Attend inspirational events on the topic of IT and career development with famous speakers and guests. Meet people from the field, ask questions and have fun!


Are you are a beginner? Or do you just want to upgrade your skills? We have it all! Advance with our Code Lessons or our Tech Degrees.


Want to learn more and solve many practical exercises? Check out our free books!

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SoftUni (the Software University) has proven track record in training software engineers and preparing them for their first job in the IT industry. We work closely with our students to help them accomplish their career goals and dreams. Their achievement always makes an impression. SoftUni is proud to report on and celebrate every student’s success.

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