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SoftUni has proven track record in training software engineers and preparing them for their first job in the IT industry. We work closely with each of our students to help them accomplish their career goals and dreams. Their achievement always makes an impression. SoftUni is proud to report on and celebrate every student’s success.

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SoftUni offers what most universities lack – a modern curriculum with emphasis on practical experience and hands-on projects, rather than solely on theory. During my time there, SoftUni gave me the ability to develop full-stack projects from start to finish and prepared me for the professional world. The most important thing I learned at SoftUni is that in software engineering every problem has a solution. I obtained this mindset thanks to the young and ambitious lecturers, who repeatedly demonstrated this through coding examples.
The most important lesson I learned from my education at SoftUni is the value of gaining deeper understanding of fundamental concepts. I still remember when we had to create a web framework from scratch in one of the courses. Going through this rigorous learning process helped me better grasp the technology, an essential asset for when you start working. SoftUni's team of trainers is highly professional. Within a relatively short time, we were able to cover a lot of ground, allowing me to also gain and hone in on numerous new skills.
SoftUni is a great place to make the first step that just might change your life – it happened to me. I know software engineering seems hard, but SoftUni has a great learning program that starts with baby steps and you learn new skills in stages. Once you join the program it will not be easy, but trust me - don’t give up!
All of the lecturers I met were great people and professionals. They were always there to help. The courses were exhaustive enough to give me the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to start a job.

Our students' projects

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A real estate agency Web portal

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App for management of innovation projects in an incubator

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Online cosmetic shop Web app

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Gaming news platform Web project

Auction House

Online auction house Web app

Sport Battle

A sport portal Web app

Money Saver

Financial app for tracking incomes and expenses, stocks and TODO lists