SoftUni Synergy Fund

We Help Businesses Grow through Partnership

The SoftUni Synergy Fund is a special investment organization in the SoftUni ecosystem. It finances small companies with a proven track record, high synergy potential, and strong ability to grow. The fund targets the tech industry, where SoftUni has significant know-how, market positions, and added value.

In these investments, SoftUni takes a 20-50% share of the companies in its portfolio while helping them grow in a sustainable way.

Investment Criteria

SoftUni Synergy Fund is not a venture capital fund and does not invest in early-stage startups. It finances businesses with proven success in their field and high synergy potential with the rest of the SoftUni ecosystem.

Some of the most important investment criteria are: synergy with SoftUni ecosystem, high growth potential and positive cashflow.

Synergy / Strategic Value

The fund’s target company should have a strong long-term synergy. For the partnership to be sustainable, we can offer the target company strategic value in the form of:

Human Capital

Qualified junior developers, IT professionals, marketing or creative experts educated in SoftUni’s programs.


We are in a position to share know-how for the target company’s business, e.g. in the B2C education.

Market Reach

The SoftUni brand and its market reach could prove critical for the success of the business.

Management Expertise

We have vast experience in managing organizational processes, human capital, financial planning, etc.

Educational Content

We have a big course catalog with high-quality teaching content for individual instructors and organizations.


The target company might benefit from another type of strategic value that SoftUni ecosystem can provide.

Growth Potential

The Fund is looking for companies with high growth potential that can benefit from SoftUni’s resources in order to accelerate the process.

Positive Cashflow

In the best scenario, the target companies should be financially stable and profitable or demonstrate the potential to become profitable soon. Otherwise, we would fund their operations until they become cash flow positive.

The SoftUni Fund Portfolio

As of March 2022, the SoftUni Fund is associated with the following companies:

The Finance Academy ( is a leading education organization for finance and investment in Bulgaria. It provides high-quality, practical, expert-driven education with focus on personal finance, crypto and DeFi, real estate, stocks, and bonds.

The synergy with SoftUni enables the growth of Finance Academy though:

CreateX ( is an innovative full-service digital marketing agency in Bulgaria.

The synergy with SoftUni benefits both companies:

SoftUni Light ( is an innovative high school for digital skills in Bulgaria. It offers government-licensed professional high school education in Programming, Cybersecurity, Design and UX, Motion Design, Digital Business, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce.

The synergy with SoftUni is based on combining the strengths of the two co-founding companies:

Motion Software ( is an innovative software development company. It connects companies and software developers for remote work opportunities in Eastern Europe.

The synergy between the companies works like this:

Want to Join?

If you think your company is a good fit for the SoftUni Synergy Fund, contact us. Together we will find the best way to help your business grow through a strategic partnership.

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