Java Foundations for Instructors

Java Foundations: Free Teaching Syllabus

About the Free Java Foundations Teaching Curriculum for Instructors

Are you a coding coach, а software development instructor, or a school programming teacher? Are you interested in teaching Java programming? Incorporate our free educational resources in planning your next coding courses. There are no hidden download or license fees included. 

The free Java Foundations teaching materials include 4 lesson plans and hands-on exercises.

Included are lesson slides (as a high-quality PDF or PowerPoint presentation), tasks (assignments, step-by-step guidelines for students, and solutions’ source code), SoftUni’s Judge system (an automated grading system for exercises, projects, and exams), video lessons (that will prepare you for each session), and a coding textbook.

Get the educational aids for the Java Foundations course and start teaching. Contact us for more information about the curriculum or to receive all lesson plans.

Teaching Content for Instructors

Lesson #5: Lists

Lesson #6: Strings and Text Processing

Lesson #7: Maps, Lambda and Stream API

Lesson #8: Objects and Classes

Lesson #9: Defining Classes

Lesson #10: OOP Principles

Lesson #11: Exception Handling

Lesson #12: Java API Classes


Lesson #13: JDK and JRE