Educational Content

SoftUni’s Professional Software Engineering Program gives the fundamental understanding, specialized knowledge, and practical skills needed to succeed in IT. The curriculum is specifically designed for students to learn best practices, work first-hand with the latest software technologies, and get experience with real-life projects.

The program offers professional specialization in some of the most popular programming languages – Java, JavaScript, C#, and Python. 

To ensure you provide quality and comprehensive tech education to your students, for each software engineering course in the professional modules we license the following teaching materials:

SoftUni’s Professional Digital Marketing Program is specifically designed to give absolute beginners all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed as digital marketing experts.

The program is structured in 3 levels: basics, fundamentals, and professional. The first course, Marketing Basics, is an introduction to some of the main terms and principles of marketing and the specifics of digital marketing.

The Fundamentals module consists of 6 courses. Each delves into a popular form of digital marketing – Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or a tool – like Google Ads and Google Analytics.

The third level of the program, Professional Modules, includes specialized courses for 3 of the most soughed-out profession in the industry –  Social Media Marketing Expert, Performance Marketing Expert, and SEO and SEM Expert.

All courses end with both a multiple-choice test and a practical, real-life project.

As instructional materials for the SoftUni’s Professional Digital Marketing Program you get:

SoftUni’s Professional Creative Program is organized into 3 levels that give students both the conceptual understanding and the practical expertise needed to start a career in Design.  

The Basics course lays down the foundations. The curriculum combines theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to help students better understand important concepts like composition, color pallets, grids, typography, icons, logos, and more.

The 6 courses of the Fundamental module focus on giving a practical understanding of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design or mastering specific Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

The Professional modules consist of specialized courses that prepare students for 3 of the most sought-out professions – Graphic Designer, UX and UI Designer, Animator and Motion Designer.

All courses end with a combination of a multiple-choice test and a practical, real-life project.

In the Professional Creative Program, we offer:

Open Courses

SoftUni has hundreds of group open courses in Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, and Design. They vary from mastering a specific technology, niche issue, and а deepen understanding of a problem. Each one combines theory and practice, with the curriculum including both lectures and hands-on exercises.

You can offer the open courses individually or pair them in shorter modules.

The teaching aids for each open course consist of:

Can’t find the class you need? Contact us and we will create a custom course for you.

The main principle of SoftUni’s educational model is learning by doing and this practical approach is the basis for our Professional Self-paced Programs. The curriculums of the 2 current programs – for Java and JavaScript Developers, are thorough enough to give absolute beginners the necessary knowledge and skills to start a job after their completion.

Both programs begin with the basics of Programming and gradually increase the level of difficulty. The fundamental principles and advanced concepts for each language are taught by combining lectures, exercises, and projects. 

To best implement the Professional Self-paced Programs into your educational model we provide:

Modernize and extend your high school education offerings with programs in Applied Programming, Cybersecurity, Graphic Design, Animation, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce.

All programs are organized in a 5-year structure of gradually increasing in number and difficulty age-appropriate classes. The first two years of each track lay the foundations of the respected specialty, with basics and advanced courses. The third, fourth, and final years of the programs focus on specialized classes and practical group or individual projects.

For the high school programs we offer:

SoftUni’s programs in Electronics and Robotics, Programming,  and Design and Animation help you prepare children ages 5 to 12 for the professions of the future. All courses are practice- and skill-oriented, with emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. The curriculums combine more traditional formats of teaching with games to encourage kids’ creativity and curiosity.

For the The programs in Programming, Electronics and Robotics are organized each into 2 levels of logically consecutive courses. The Design and Animation training consists of several independent classes.

For the K-12 STEM programs we provide: