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Interview with Evgeni Viyachev

In our rubric, we share with you inspiring interviews with our most successful students to learn more about them – how they have found out that programming is in their blood, what motivates them to grow, which were their biggest obstacles, and other interesting questions.

How did Evegeni’s adventure in the world of programming begin, don’t miss out on reading in the next paragraphs!

Hello, Evgeni! Can you introduce yourself with a few words for the reader of our blog?

My name is Evgeni Viyachev. I’ve graduated from the Sofia High School of Mathematics and afterward UASG as a construction engineer. I have a year and a half old son. 😊

What appealed to you to programming and do you have a favorite programming language?

In high school, I made my first steps towards programming with C++. Afterward, I applied for “Computer sciences” at Sofia University and I was accepted amongst the top 10 people. After all, I chose construction engineering and graduated with my master’s degree in UASG. At some point, I was just tired of the conservative environment in construction and went back to my first passion – programming. I enrolled in the Software University and this is how my adventure has begun all over again. My favorite language is C# and I am mostly oriented towards .NET technologies.

Which course from the program was the most useful for you and why?

The OOP and Quality Programming Code were the most useful for me. I think that they are the foundation for the career of every software developer. I was sincerely happy with the Database (SQL) course.

Why did you choose the Software University and what was the atmosphere during your education?

I chose the Software University, because of the opportunity for a comparatively quick start of my career, as I already had some minimal background in the sphere. After all, it all worked out and I am very happy. The atmosphere was joyful. A was focused during the lectures and I dedicated a lot of time to study every day and writing code, even though along with that I was projecting one of my last buildings for now.

What was the form of your education and why did you prefer it?

I was enrolled onsite because I think that this way a person becomes more engaged. Besides that, as I have already said, I was projecting from home and I needed everyday contact with people. After I have started a job in IT, I went into an online form of education.

What was the biggest difficulty for you during the program?

My biggest difficulty was…. To be honest, now I can’t think of anything particular. After UASG I was used to sleeping deprivation and studying, so I was easily adapted to the new environment. I guess the hardest part in this situation is to keep being persistent, motivated and to keep believing in the final successful result.

Men or women are better programmers?

An interesting question. 🙂 I think gender doesn’t matter and the inaccessibility towards the IT-sphere for women is a myth. In my company, there are a lot of women in different positions – Dev, QA, Support, Managers. My manager is also a woman.

What kind of skills, besides programming, did you succeed to acquire in the Software University?

Teamwork, because of the team projects.

Did the diploma from the Software University help you succeed in the following professional realization?

What helped the most was the acquired knowledge. Of course, all of the certificates for excellently passed courses are a huge plus and can give an advantage over the bigger competition.

How do you see yourself in 5 years in a professional plan?

I see myself in a more leading position. I would want to have a small team, for which to be responsible. This, of course, will happen based on my acquired skills.

And finally – what will you advise all the future students, which are about to begin their education in the Software University?

You will constantly meet difficulties and obstacles, so don’t give up until you achieve your goals!

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