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Revolutionizing Serbia's IT education landscape through a franchise partnership that bridges talent and opportunity.

SoftUni Global is pleased to present an overview of the progress made by SoftUni Serbia, our esteemed partner, from September 2022 to the end of November 2023. During this period, SoftUni Serbia has demonstrated consistent growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality training for programming enthusiasts. The following highlights encapsulate the key achievements and milestones accomplished together.

Courses in Java and JavaScript Languages:

SoftUni Serbia has seen a remarkable success rate, with 15,000 students completing various courses, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These courses, whether free introductory programs or advanced offerings signify the dedication to providing a comprehensive learning experience for individuals seeking to build a career in programming.

Free Training Programs:

Eight successful cycles of the “Introduction to Java Programming” course and the introduction of the new “Introduction to JavaScript” course underscore SoftUni Serbia’s commitment to providing fundamental knowledge and a strong foundation for aspiring IT professionals.

Advanced Courses:

The delivery of three cycles of the “Fundamentals of Java Programming,” two cycles of the “Advanced Java Programming,” and one cycle of the “Java DB” course demonstrates SoftUni Serbia’s commitment to advancing the skills of participants, fostering both regular and new learners.

Quality Assurance (QA) Courses:

In response to the evolving needs of participants, SoftUni Serbia is launching new QA courses, starting with the “Fundamentals of QA” course in December 2023. This course aims to equip beginners with essential QA and manual testing skills. Additionally, the “QA Automation” course is scheduled for March 2024, offering further opportunities for skill development in QA.


SoftUni Serbia is proud to announce successful collaborations with reputable partner companies. These partnerships have not only provided crucial support but have also contributed to the organization of impactful online webinars and the creation of blogs tailored to the interests of students.

Online Community Development:

SoftUni Serbia has successfully built a robust online community, serving as a focal point for digital initiatives. With a strong presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and a Discord server boasting approximately 3,200 members, the community actively engages in discussions, project sharing, and problem-solving.

Newsletter and Website:

An impressive newsletter database of 8,800 contacts and a monthly website visitation of 10,000 users further highlight SoftUni Serbia’s commitment to keeping participants informed and engaged. The website,, is enriched with blogs providing insights into the IT world and updates on activities.

Future Plans:

SoftUni Serbia looks ahead to expanding its partnership program, creating more opportunities for internships, mentorship, and employment. The focus on enhancing the online community involves increasing valuable content, expanding platforms, and strengthening partnerships with other organizations.
In January 2024, SoftUni Serbia plans to expand its portfolio by introducing new cycles of free courses in Java, JavaScript, Python, and C#. The goal is to attract 25,000 new students and open a minimum of 7 lecture cycles annually for each programming language.

Gratitude and Future Outlook:

SoftUni Serbia expresses gratitude to all partners and students, pledging to continue working towards elevating standards in IT education. The commitment to joint learning and growth remains steadfast, with an optimistic outlook for future success. Thank you for your attention and continued support.

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