“Every Course from the Program Is Extremely Useful and Filled With a Lot of Practical Gain”

Interview with Ilaylo Goranov, a SoftUni graduate.

In our rubric, we share with you inspiring interviews with our most successful students to learn more about them – how they have found out that programming is in their blood, what motivates them to grow, which were their biggest obstacles, and other interesting questions. “Everything can be achieved with a lot of hard work!” What other skills besides programming did Ivaylo manage to achieve? Don’t miss out on the next couple of paragraphs.

Hello, Ivaylo! Can you introduce yourself with a few words for the reader of our blog?

My name is Ivaylo Goranov. I’m 34 years old, married, and currently living in Varna. A few years ago I graduated from University specializing in Informatics but back then I decided to work something entirely different. 3 years ago I started my first job as a programmer. A lot of time had passed since my education and in software engineering, the technologies that we work with evolve really fast. I needed serious refreshing and improvement of my knowledge. That is when I found out about Software University. After a year and a half of education there I began working as a programmer in Varna. For more than half a year I work for a company named “Bulpros” – one of the best IT companies in Bulgaria.

What attracted you to programming and do you have a favorite programming language?

I have experience with Java, C#, and JavaScript. I don’t have enough experience with any other to pick my favorite one. C# and Java are similar and if I had to choose between those two, I would choose C#. JavaScript is specified for front-end programming. I got involved with programming mainly because it is profitable.

Which course from the program was the most useful for you and why?

All courses from the program are useful and I don’t think that there is one that isn’t. The education in Software University is really practical. “Data Structures” is a bonus course, but it is really useful. It helped me in my work with Databases and how to write code that won’t cause problems performance-wise.

Why did you choose Software University and what was the atmosphere during your education?

I searched for a lot of programming courses on Google. Then I found out about Svetlin Nakov’s books for “Programming Basics” with C# and Java. I watched Svetlin’s lectures that came with the books. I like him as a lecturer for a lot of reasons but mainly because he knows how to grab the audience’s attention. I chose Software University, because of him.

What was the form of your education and why did you prefer it?

I was an online student because I don’t live in Sofia so I couldn’t attend the lectures on-site. I don’t take it as a disadvantage though. When you’re online, the opportunity of speaking with lecturers, mentors, and other students is limited, but that is how you learn to search for solutions by yourself. In your workspace when you ask colleagues for help they may try to assist you, but you shouldn’t count on it, because they have their own problems to solve.

What was the biggest difficulty for you during the program?

To study programming while taking care of my daughter, who was less than a year old when I started.

What other skills (besides programming) did you manage to gain from your education at Software University?

During your education at Software University, you are being prepared for the process of applying for a job as a software engineer. This process is very specific and unlike any other profession.

Did the diploma from Software University help you succeed in the following professional realization?

I still don’t have a diploma from Software University. After I successfully found a job I had even fewer opportunities to travel to Sofia and attend my final exams. I still plan on achieving that in the following couple of months. My education here was of extreme help to my professional realization.

How do you see yourself in 5 years in a professional plan?

Software Engineering is a dynamic and attractive profession and will occupy many parts of the country’s economy. I am planning to work as a software engineer in the next 15 years. If the profession ceases to be profitable, which I do not believe, for now, I will re-qualify again. Everything can be achieved with a lot of hard work.

And finally – what will you advise all our future students, which are about to begin their education at the Software University?

Back in the day, fitness instructor Mike Karpenko made a great impression on me with the following phrase: “Results are not made within your comfort zone“. This phrase has been running lately on social networks, but there is a lot of truth behind it. Unless someone perceives it as a cliché.

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