Become a Python Web Developer


Start your success story by applying for the free Programming Basics course today.

  • Learn to program with the Python language
  • Develop back-end with Python and front-end with JavaScript and HTML5
  • Create web applications with the Flask Framework and SQLAlchemy ORM

Did you know that?

  • Python’s meetup community is the 3rd largest of any language, with more than 600k members.

Why study Python Web Development?

  • Python is designed to be easy to understand and fun to use, reading like English, which takes a lot of syntax-learning stress off coding beginners. Python is easy to learn through the rich set of video tutorials and exercises at SoftUni.
  • Python is really flexible, meaning there are no hard rules on how to build features, and you'll have more flexibility solving problems using different methods.
  • With the rise of big data, Python developers are in demand as data scientists, especially since Python can be easily integrated into web applications to carry out tasks that require machine learning.

Front-end Module

  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript Front-End
  • JS Objects and Classes
  • jQuery, DOM and AJAX
  • REST, JSON and SPA

Python Web Module

  • Flask
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Back-End Development
  • Databases

Python Advanced Module

  • Python OOP
  • Data Structures
  • Code Quality
  • Unit Testing

Python Fundamentals Module

  • Programming
  • Problem Solving
  • Software Technologies
  • Web Technologies

Programming Basics

  • Coding Skills

4 months

4 months

4 months

4 months

2 months

Your path as a Python Web Developer

Choose the Python Web Developer profession by taking the first steps with the Free Programming Basics course that will give you the necessary knowledge to pass the admittance exam and join the Software Engineering Program at SoftUni.

Throughout your training, through online Python tutorials and practical Python courses and work on hundreds of tasks and projects you will acquire all the specialized knowledge and skills required to start a successful career as a Python Web Developer in the software industry.


Аchieve your goals

By choosing the profession of Python Web Developer, you will be able to combine programming skills, basic data structures, and developing algorithmic thinking with knowledge from software engineering, as well as advanced Python and web technologies. The training for Python Web Developer profession at SoftUni has been developed by experienced trainers with the direct involvement of IT companies in the sector and has a practical focus.

  • Start a successful career in the IT sector
  • Gain practical skills with all technologies required for the profession "Python Web Developer"
  • Acquire a software engineering diploma
  • Stay informed with the latest trends in the IT world

Explore our Software Engineering Program

Start with a free Programming Basics training, begin your career in the IT sector and graduate as a full stack developer!


Master Python by practicing

  • 70% Practice: writing code every day
  • New learning material: lectures 2 days per week
  • Practical exercises: exercises 2 days per week

Work on practical Python projects

  • Work on practical projects with Python, Flask, JavaScript and SQLAlchemy
  • Train your programming skills with Python, OOP, SQLAlchemy, Flask Framework, HTML5 and JavaScript

Start your career in top companies in the industry

  • 97% of our graduates start a new job
  • Get access to the SoftUni Career Center
  • Join leading companies in the software and IT industry

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I decided to get into programming because I think the profession is extremely interesting and offers a lot of challenges. What I like about it is that I must constantly develop and learn new things.

Preslav Mihailov Preslav Mihailov Student

I was a professional musician, but after a friend gave me the idea, I turned my attention to programming. To this day I'm still attending courses at SoftUni (Software University). We've created our own community. The training, the lecturers and the friends I made at SoftUni (Software University) helped me with a new career start.

Georgi Inkov Georgi Inkov Student

The connection that is formed between the students is something that words can't describe. It can only be felt and experienced. We were sharing with each other everything we've learned and mastered. The range of technologies I mastered here was so broad that I was wondering which one to pick to start working with.

Dimitar Bonev Dimitar Bonev Student

One of the most useful skills I've developed at SoftUni (Software University) was how to approach problem solving, how to collaborate with colleagues, how to approach an existing code and build on it, how to successfully build projects from scratch and how to meet deadlines.

Yana Slavcheva Yana Slavcheva Student

SoftUni (Software University) helped me in my training as a programmer with the well structured and affordable courses it offers. SoftUni (Software University) provides consistency in the taught subjects, you are given a direction to follow while you're learning, which is very valuable to a beginner programmer.

Simeon Stoykov Simeon Stoykov Student

After I applied for the free course Programming Basics, I realized that learning to code was relatively easy for me. All courses at SoftUni (Software University) are very useful. The university helped me to rediscover myself and to start doing something that is quite pleasant, at least for me - programming.

Ilian Videnov Ilian Videnov Student

After the first few lectures, I realized that the training at SoftUni (Software University) has a lot of positives for me. The program is consistent, which allows concentration of effort in one direction. SoftUni (Software University) changed every aspect of my life.

Gabriela Burlakova Gabriela Burlakova Student
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