What do we need to know about JavaScript?

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Although JavaScript is developing at an incredible pace and is among the most popular programming languages in the GitHub and Stack-Overflow communities, there are still a number of misconceptions or myths about the language.

The JavaScript name

Often, novice developers confuse JavaScript with Java, though there is almost nothing in common between the two languages. In fact, JavaScript goes through several language shifts until it gets the name it is familiar with today. It was first developed with the name Mocha in May 1995, but during the ongoing development, Netscape (the company that had developed it) renamed it to LiveScript. The next change comes at the end of the same year when the language gets the name it is known with today – JavaScript. Some people suggest that this is due to the use of Netscape’s Java technology in the creation of their Netscape Navigator browser, and according to others, the name is the result of a contract between Netscape and Sun Microsystems.

Is JavaScript Sufficient?

Many people think that JavaScript is not widely applicable compared to other languages like Java, Python, and so on, since it was created only for 10 days and covered the requirements of strictly specific tasks. Nevertheless, more than 20 years have passed since the creation of the language and he has not stopped developing yet. Today, there are many full-featured JavaScript frameworks, libraries, and plugins that can modify the language to your own needs.

Is JavaScript used only for browser interactions?

JavaScript has evolved so much over the year of its existence that today the creation of various browser functionalities is just a small part of all the things JavaScript is capable of. Additionally, today JavaScript can be used in the back-end using Node.js and/or Express.js, etc. to create desktop applications using Electron.js, and almost all JavaScript front-end frames are used for iOS and Android apps.

If you want to acquire knowledge of how to build the most basic Front-End structure of a web application, then the “JavaScript for Front-end” course is right for you.

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