What is SoftUni?

SoftUni is the largest and most respectable educational IT institution in Bulgaria that offers education and support in career development in the professional fields of software engineering, digital marketing, and design. The organization is founded in 2013 by three Bulgarians – Svetlin Nakov, Hristo Tenchev, and Ivan Nenkov, with the mission to offer accessible high-quality education to their citizens. For a couple of years, SoftUni quickly becomes a leader on the market, as today it is an organizer for many educational programs, which offer quality education to thousands of young people in the IT and digital technologies spheres in Bulgaria.

The success in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country with a population of barely 7 million people. But as in other developing countries, the connection between education and the real business is a key factor for the development of the international IT ecosystem. A serious growth in the IT sector was detected during the last decade, and the need for qualified professionals is constantly growing. Thanks to the educational leader SoftUni, thousands of students had the opportunity to make their first steps towards their career realization in the industry in Bulgaria – over 150 000. In about 6 years were held over 1000 pieces of training, seminars, and events on digital subjects.

The initiatives

  • Software University – The Software University is an innovative educational center, which trains thousands in the information technology sphere and cooperates with their career start.
  • SoftUni Digital –  the first of its kind for Bulgaria complete program for the education of digital marketing specialists.
  • SoftUni Creative – the first of its kind academy for design, creative and visualization in Bulgaria for the education of designers and digital artists.
  • SoftUni Kids – gives a complete programming program to kids between 5 and 12 years, following the learning through practice model and a constant teamwork.
  • SoftUni Svetlina – the first private high school for IT and digital skills in Bulgaria, which trains its students in 3 fields – programming, entrepreneurship and design.
  • SoftUni Foundation – non-commercial organization, which develops and distributes free educational content with a free license.

The results

In 6 years in the Bulgarian market we have succeeded in creating:

  • A community of 150 000 students
  • Partnerships with 200+ leading companies, 70 of which in the IT sector
  • Over 500 held trainings, over 550 seminars and events
  • Over 10 000 video lessons with duration over 40 000 hours
  • 97% of the graduates start a job in IT
  • Our team is made up of 100+ motivated individuals

The future

The dynamic growth of the IT sector and the lack of quality and relevant training in the Philippines and Malaysia are good reasons for a boom in the demand for experts in the field of programming in those countries.

SoftUni is based on the idea of an innovative and modern educational center that creates real professionals in the world of programming. For us, as well as for the entire software industry, the most important is real practical skills.

This is why we are starting the SoftUni Community program with the purpose of educating programmers, who will be able to acquire the required knowledge and skills to start a programming career in less than a year and a half after starting their education at SoftUni.

SoftUni has a Career Center that is fully focused on and works for the professional realization of all its students, and to this date, we have over 70 successful partnerships with technological companies.

Enroll in our Software Engineering Program, start with a free Programming Basics training, begin your career in the IT sector and graduate as a full stack developer!

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About SoftUni

SoftUni provides high-quality education, profession and job to people who want to learn coding.

The SoftUni Global “Learn to Code” Community supports learners with free learning resources, mentorship and community help.



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