“SoftUni emphasizes on practical education and for me exactly that is the right way to success”

In our rubric, we share with you inspiring interviews with our most successful students to learn more about them – how they have found out that programming is in their blood, what motivates them to grow, which were their biggest obstacles, and other interesting questions.

How did Mert’s adventure in the world of programming begin, don’t miss out on reading in the next paragraphs!

Hello, Mert! Can you introduce yourself with a few words for the reader of our blog?

My name’s Mert Yumer. I am 20 years old, born in Kurdzhali. Currently living in Sofia where I am a student of Software University.

What appealed to you to programming and do you have a favorite programming language?

I heard from friends about the Programming Basics course. They made one in my hometown and I decided to try it out. Eventually, I thought programming isn’t meant for me and I gave up. But a year later I surfed through the SoftUni website to gather some more information about it. I decided to sign up for the Programming Basics course once again but this time- in Sofia. This time it was different and I got interested in programming really quickly although there wasn’t much of a difference between the two instances of the course. So this is how my adventure began.

Which course from the program was the most useful for you and why?

For me, the most useful part is studying through practice. This is not a practice in the state universities and this is why I didn’t enroll in one. In my opinion, especially for studying software development, you need a lot of practice during the time you study and this way it is easier. In SoftUni there is mostly practice, rather than theoretical knowledge, and for me, this is the way to success.

Are you currently engaged in programming?

Yes, I am still engaged in programming. I am still a student in the Tech Module at SoftUni and I want to finish the whole curriculum there.

And finally – what happened when you finished the free course Programming Basics?

After finishing the course for beginners, I was very happy, although I had to wait three months for the next step towards programming- Tech Module. Now those months have passed and I continue to gather knowledge and develop myself in programming. Thanks to all of you who are a part of the SoftUni team and for the effort you put in every day! Keep up the good work!

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