Why to Choose to Become a Programmer?

One of the biggest and most important decisions we make in our lives is choosing our profession. This decision is important not only because of the financial opportunities it provides us but also for the people in our surroundings and for our happiness and satisfaction.
No matter if you already have chosen your path or you are still looking for your future career, one of the best things you can invest your time in, is the profession of a programmer. You wonder why? Here are some of the reasons:
One of the rapidly developing industries so far is the IT sector. Why is that? Well, because every economical department needs software: car maintenance, elevators, refrigerators. Moreover, the software is used in finances, accounting offices, schools, medical institutions, universities, etc. We can go on forever. Don’t forget the household needs, we are surrounded by technologies, which require software. Of course, this need for software reveals many new slots and new opportunities and that need leads to a rapid boost in the IT sector.

Various Paths

Tourism, marketing, art, education, finances…the variety of paths for software developers is huge. No industry will be able to function without its software developers.
And if you get tired of web development, you can start making mobile applications. If you don’t want to create games with C# or C++, you can start learning cyber security, software architecture, or optimization.

Flexible Working Time and A Remote Job

A remote job is something that is frequently seen, not only abroad, but also here in Bulgaria. Most developers don’t need to be 24/7 in the office, they can do their job wherever they are: in the park, in the coffee shop down the street, co-working space, lounge bar. Since it is not obligatory to work in an office, you can complete your tasks whenever you want throughout the day – early in the morning with a cup of coffee, or at night when most people have already fallen asleep. The most important thing is that you complete your tasks on time. This way you not only save time by not having to walk to the office, but it also gives you an opportunity to choose to work at times you feel most productive throughout the day.

Payment Above The Average

Let me tell you straight: when talking about programming every one of us is kind of aware of the attractive reward and the fast and unlimited opportunities in the IT sector. It is not right, however, to look at the payment as your only motivation. A real programmer is mostly driven by his interest in solving all the problems that he encounters, and the good payment comes as a reward for his great work. Behind that excellent reward hide many many hours, days even years of hard work and self-improvement.
Moreover, it is very important to have the ability to work properly, meaning to be able to think and make decisions under stress and complete your task in limited periods of time. Exactly that ability to successfully solve problems, no matter the harsh circumstances, is what leads to the lack of worthy programmers and if you are educated and literate in your technology, all companies would pay you enough, so you would never think about leaving.

Opportunities for Growth

“IT sector” is a wide definition. This industry combines within itself an endless amount of opportunities – not only for “programmatically” thinking people, who like mathematics but also for people who are interested in the outside look of products and their marketing. If you consider yourself from the first type: you can try developing your programming skills by learning C#, Java, JavaScript, or Python. They are extremely popular these days and many companies need those kinds of people who are familiar with these technologies.

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