Asynchronous Programming [Dev Concepts #8]

Learn all about asynchronous programming in this dev concepts lesson!

In the current lesson Svetlin Nakov will explain everything you need to understand as a developer: multithreading, background tasks, promises, Web and service workers, and parallel process execution. In the end, he will do a live demo with JavaScript.

So, what is asynchronous programming?

Asynchronous programming is an important paradigm in software engineering.

Together with concurrent execution, they allow for multiple pieces of code to run simultaneously.

This is quite natural in computer software: you can listen to music on your laptop while browsing a website and downloading files.

Asynchronous programming allows several functions or methods of your code to be executed simultaneouslyjust like you are executing several programs in the same time.

There are many concepts and technologies, which implement asynchronous code execution:

multithreading, background tasks, promises, forked processes, web workers, service workers, and others.

Lesson Topics

In this video we review the following topics:

  • Overview of Asynchronous Programming
  • Live Demo – Concurrent Execution Using Web Workers
  • Promises
  • Live Demo – Fetching Resources Asynchronously

Lesson Slides

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