Java Basics Tutorial – Part 1 – Getting Started with Java

This code lesson teaches the first steps in coding with Java: writing code commands, running the code, writing Java programs. It comes with practical exercises with automated grading.

Welcome to Nakov’s free code lessons at the SoftUni Global Community.

Today we shall start with a simple tutorial for Java programming for absolute beginners. This will be the first lesson, but it is just a start. In the next few weeks, we will publish a series of free Java lessons, which follow logically one after another, so if you want to learn Java coding, just follow the lessons in the correct order.

In this lesson, Svetlin Nakov explains what is coding, what are commands and what is their syntax in Java. He teaches how to write simple Java commands and Java programs, and how to execute a Java commands and programs.

The lesson includes practical coding exercises, which you should try yourself, because learning to code is only possible through coding.

Practical Exercises

Watch the video and solve the problemsTo better understand the material, do the coding exercises and implement the knowledge you acquired. Writing code is the only way to master the skill of code.

Submit your code in the SoftUni Judge System:

Еxercises: Problem Descriptions

Lesson Slides

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    1. Hello,
      Yes, we advise you to take your time and don’t rush the material.
      Take notes and try to understand the whole video material.
      If you have any trouble, you can always ask! We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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