Java Basics Tutorial – Part 2 – IntelliJ IDEA

Learn about development environments (IDE) and JDK and how to install and use IntelliJ IDEA to create Java projects, write Java code, and compile, run and debug Java projects.

In this lesson, Svetlin Nakov talks about development environments (IDEs), which are used by developers to write, compile, run and debug code. He will teach you how to use IntelliJ IDEA, the most popular IDE for Java developers. He will show you how to install JDK (Java development kit), how to install and run IntelliJ IDEA, how to create a console-based app, how to write code, how to use the auto-complete to speed up coding, how to run your programs and even how to debug your code.

What is IDE: “integrated development environment“, or just coding environment? How it helps writing code, compiling and running the code, and debugging (which means to step through the code line by line). Learn from the video lesson.

In the video Nakov will show you how to create new Java project, choose the project type, give a name for the project, create a class with a “main” method, write some code in it, and finally, run the project.

As you know, our free code lessons are not just video tutorials. They combine  videos with many live examples and practical hands-on exercises, where you write code after each lesson. So, you learn Java coding through practice: by writing Java code. And you send your code to our online judge system, and you get an automated grading.

Remember that coding is a skill, which should be practiced. To learn coding, you should write code, every day, for a long time. Watching tutorials is not enough. You should code! Now it’s your turn. Do your exercises!

Practical Exercises

Watch the video and solve the problemsTo better understand the material, do the coding exercises and implement the knowledge you acquired. Writing code is the only way to master the skill of code.

Submit your code in the SoftUni Judge System:

Exercises: Problem Descriptions

Lesson Slides

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