Free Book: Programming Basics with C#

A great C# programming book if you're a beginner or just want to brush up on your coding skills! It covers the basics of C# coding with Visual Studio: working with data, conditional statements and loops.

Read online the free video book “Programming Basics (C# Edition)”. It is a free guide for absolute beginners in coding, who want to learn how to write simple programming logic (use data, write conditions and loops).

The book comes with video lessons, covering most of its content and 150+ practical programming exercises with an automated online evaluation system (judge system).

The book is used as primary textbook in the “Programming Basics” courses at the Software University (SoftUni). Below is the book’s table of contents (TOC):

  • Preface
  • First Steps in Programming
  • Simple Calculations
  • Simple Calculations – Exam Problems
  • Simple Conditional Statements
  • Simple Conditional Statements – Exam Problems
  • More Complex Conditional Statements
  • More Complex Conditional Statements – Exam Problems
  • Repeating Programming Code (Loops)
  • Repeating Programming Code (Loops) – Exam Problems
  • Nested Loops and Drawing on the Console Using Loops
  • Nested Loops and Drawing on the Console – Exam Problems
  • More Complex Loops
  • More Complex Loops – Exam Problems
  • Practical Exam Preparation (Part I)
  • Practical Exam Preparation (Part II)
  • Problems for Champions (Part I)
  • Problems for Champions (Part II)
  • Methods
  • Tricks and Hacks
  • Conclusion

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Download the C# Basics Book

Read online and download the
book “Programming Basics with C#”.

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