Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) [Dev Concepts #19.2]

In this short video, we will get familiar with the Object-Relational Mapping concept

In this lesson, you will become familiar with the Object-Relational Mapping technologies or the so-called ORMs. As a relative newcomer to programming, terms like ORMs can sound intimidating. The nice part about them is that they allow us to write code easier once we understand them.

Object-Relational Mapping technology is the idea of writing queries using your favorite programming language. We interact with a database using our language of choice instead of SQL.

Let’s say that we have an application. An ORM will convert the result of a database query into a class within our application. The selected columns will map to the class properties. On the other hand, if you push data towards the database, an ORM will map the properties of a class into columns of a table. When people say ORM, they refer to a framework that implements this technique. Here are some of the most frequently used ORM frameworksEntity Framework, Hibernate, Sequelize, and SQLAlchemy.

Lesson Topics

In this video we review the following topics:
  • ORM Technologies
  • Overview Live Demo – ToDo List

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