React Native: Short Overview [Dev Concepts #18]

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Upgrade your knowledge of React with this React Native Dev Concepts lesson!

In this episode, we’ll focus on modern mobile app development, while using React Native

In the previous episode, we reviewed “React“ which is the number one web framework for 2021. Today we will be focusing on modern mobile app development technologies and React Native. 

The lesson includes a small demo React Native mobile app, which defines a JSX component and renders it in the Web browser. 

For front-end and client-side app development, mobile apps are important. To build our mobile application we need to combine development principles, concepts, platforms, technologies, frameworks, libraries, and tools. In this lesson, we will be reviewing the two major mobile app platforms that dominate the markets.


They are Android and ioS. Each one of them has its perks: 

  • Android devices are less expensive compared to iOS devices. They also provide more freedom and options for developers. 
  • iOS devices are slightly less popular, despite their high price. This market is more profitable because most apps follow a paid model. 

Mobile app development technologies are split into several categories: Android, iOS, and Hybrid. We have talked about the first two, but what are Hybrid technologies? They are based on JavaScript and HTML5 using an embedded Web browser. There are more mobile app dev technologies, but those are the well-known ones we will be talking about. 

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Lesson Topics

In this video we review the following topics:
  • Mobile App Technologies 
  • Overview Live Demo – Summator

Remember that coding is a skill, which should be practiced. To learn to code, you should write code, every day, for a long time. Watching tutorials is not enough. You should code! 

We would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below saying what topics you would like to see next. 

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